WIA Youth Program – Workforce Investment Act

Find more than a job, Find a FUTURE!

Control your future, don’t let your future control you!

Youth who are accepted into the WIA Youth Program are exceptional young people and expectations are high.

Learn about the workforce and how to make your career and life goals happen!

Enrollment is subject upon available slots and meeting a qualifying criteria.

Serving the youth in Eastern New Mexico

The Workforce Investment Act Youth Program is designed to assist youth ages 16-21 in developing pathways to education and training in order to become successful in the workforce.


Organization: WIA Youth Program
POC Name: Joan Bailey
Contact Phone Number: 575-762-4571 Email: joan.bailey@regionix.org

The WIA youth program is available to help low income youth ages 16-21 with:

  • Adult mentoring and career planning
  • Tutoring, GED and improving study skills
  • Pre-employment training to develop work ethic and workplace skills
  • Development of resume, interviewing skills
  • Career planning and occupational skill development
  • Leadership and community service

Name/POC: Joan Bailey
Phone Number: 575-4571
Email Address: joan.bailey@regionix.org
Location: 111 N. Main St. Clovis
Hours of Operation: 8-5 Monday- Friday