GLU Factory Inc. – Where transformations take place


A Safe Place
Where Transformations takes place,
Men and Women come to believe in themselves,
And families are restored!

What are we?

We are a system for helping families. We work with ex-offenders, probationers, parolees, children, and families to mentor and empower them to be the best people they can be.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to help as many men and women as we can to return to their families and communities and take a productive role within them.

Offenders now become Returning Citizens

One of the main goals of this program is to help you attain and maintain gainful employment. We have several different options for the men in the program so that they should be working within the first two weeks of entry. If you are part of this program, you WILL work. There are no exceptions.

We have created several service oriented businesses that will help the men to get on their feet initially. We want every man to “Hit the ground running!”

Services offered:

  • Job development: Working with DVR, Workforce and local employers to help you find gainful employment
  • Wings For L.I.F.E (Life skills Imparted to families through Education) in a group setting
  • Family Services: Couples /family Therapy, Communication Skills, Anger Management, Money Management, Parenting classes, Self-esteem building
  • Community Support Services

Transformational Living Center

A first class facility for men who want to help ensure success upon return to the community and the family. The house is a support system, and a place of refuge where brothers help each other and families are restored.

How are we different?

1: We include the family in the entire process, even prior to release.
2: We utilize men from the community as “Coaches” to help each man negotiate the pitfalls that await.
3: We get the men to work right away so that they can feel productive and contribute to their community.
4: Each man will have a custom “Re-Integration Plan” designed specifically for him.
5: Immediately integrated into the existing System of Care within the community
6: Specific Job retention classes will be offered

Frequently asked Questions:

Do you have a counselor on staff?
Yes. We are also partnered with Junctions to provide a full spectrum of services.

What is the length of the program?
4 Months + Aftercare

Who gets in?
Men who have demonstrated a desire to change! Recommendations from a counselor or chaplain are required.

We desire to help people who have demonstrated a desire to change. They may demonstrate this by in-prison program participation and/or church attendance, or by consistent attendance at AA, Drug Court, Celebrate Recovery or other recovery programs.

We want to help those men take advantage of the programs they have gone through and give them a launching pad to a new life!

How much does it cost?
Every man is required to put 30% of his check in a savings account that will be set up for him once they are employed, and donate 25% to the house. He gets to keep the remainder. Our goal is to have our participants have at least $1,000 in savings by the end of the 4 months that they might use for deposits or start up money once they are no longer in the Transitional living home.

When you are ready…
No one understands what you are going though better than someone who has been there. When you are ready to start your new life, we are here to help support you,
We have been there.
We understand.
It gets better

It’s all about the kids!

Our Belief: There is no one that will have as profound an effect on the children as the parents. If we want successful children, we must train; we must create successful parents.
People DO Change!
Families are restored!

1200 Thorton Suite F
Office:575-935-4GLU (4458)
TLC House: 1205 Jones Clovis, NM 88101