Eastern New Mexico Youth Connections


What is the Eastern New Mexico Youth Connection?
Friday June 11 Pauls uph mural for mediaThe Eastern New Mexico Youth Connection working with United Way of ENM’s 2-1-1, brings together civic, government and business leaders who wish to extend their employee volunteer programs into a sustainable community investment.

The ENMYC wants to inspire and engage local companies by promoting employee volunteerism to address challenges and concerns facing Curry and Roosevelt counties, thereby enhancing the quality of life for all.

Being part of the volunteer movement means your company will join a coalition of workplaces committed to advancing civic engagement right here in our area.

ENMYouthConnection-ProjectEvery workplace in Curry & Roosevelt counties is invited to be a member of the ENMYC. Every work-place has an employee volunteer policy (even if it’s “we currently do not have one”). Please join us to become an active participant and positively impact workplace volunteerism and help our
community become a better place.


  • Research has shown that a pivotal benchmark for success in school and beyond is making sure kids are reading at grade level at the end of third grade. The fact is that kids learn to read through third grade, then they read to learn.
  • In New Mexico 80% of children are not reading proficiently in the 3rd grade.
  • If 3rd grade reading benchmark is missed, this gap widens and can cause increased academic, social and emotional problem. This leads to poor choices such as, gangs, drugs, violence, pregnancy, dropping out of school, etc.


painting mural by moonlight for media

We Want to:
Inspire and engages local companies
by promoting Employee volunteerism
To address challenges and concerns
facing our community thereby
enhancing the quality of life.


Everyone wins with volunteerism. It’s good for the individual, for the workplace, and for the community, and provides a valuable experience for all. The ENMYC embodies this idea, and serves as a great resource to make good things happen.

  • Maximize your current resources. Many workplaces already take part in excellent employee volunteer programs. The ENMYC provides a forum to share ideas and work together in collaboration on internal programs and external projects.ENMYC ASSISTS IN COMMUNITY EVENTS
  • Engage your peers. Bringing like-minded people together who have a passion for volunteerism will no doubt result in creative ideas and solutions to make our community better.
  • Spread the message. The conversation about workplace volunteerism needs to be shared and continuous. The level of volunteerism will increase as long as it is on people’s radar. The ENMYC will keep the conversation going.

The ENMYC is a collaboration between many organizations that came together to show that we value to our children and young people:

  • Curry County
  • Curry County Juvenile Justice
  • Matt 25
  • United Way of ENM
  • ENMR-Plateau
  • Clovis Municipal Schools
  • CAFB
  • La Casa Family Health Center
  • Clovis Police Dept
  • Juvenile Probation
  • Teambuilders
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters2-1-1-EasternNewMexico
  • Artist of America

Types of Projects and Activities

  • Collaboration Mentoring
  • Mural Projects
  • Youth Sports Events
  • Incentive Awards
  • Peer to Peer mentoring
  • Graffiti Cleanup

1200 North Thornton Street
Clovis, New Mexico 88101

For more information call 2-1-1 or 935-0211